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Life With Betty: Signs of Spring

Life with Betty | Signs of Spring

Hi Buttercream lovers! Are you as happy as I am that it’s spring? I’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this glorious weather! Being cooped up in the house all winter has had its struggles and it is time to open up those windows, do some spring cleaning (well put away the kids’ snow pants at least) and welcome a new season with a fresh start!

If I’m going to be completely honest, handling multiple schedules, ensuring the house is clean(ish), getting the kids fed and arriving to work on time actually isn’t the hard part. The hard part is putting my needs in front of everyone else’s. Don’t get me wrong, being a mom is amazing, but what they don’t tell you in those glorified parenting books (I read them all) is that motherhood is the equivalent of doing the work of thirty people, for free. We’re basically superheroes.

When I do get free time (what’s that?), I often opt for Netflix and what I like to call “Mommy’s sippy cup.” You get the idea. So yes, there is nothing better than this moment of “me time.” The air is crisp, the baby is sleeping and, let’s not forget, my coffee is hot – which is a HUGE win in itself.

It’s so wonderful to actually have some free time. Well, I’m pretty sure I do, unless I’m forgetting something.

Remember ladies, take time to smell the tulips, breathe in the fresh air, and wear cute clothes.

Betty Buttercream, xo

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