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Shop Small This Holiday Season

Campfire Cowl Neck Dress - navy

We’re dreaming of a local Christmas! 

At Buttercream Clothing, we are busy gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year! We just love the season of giving! One of our favourite things to do is shop small and support local businesses. This November 25th is Small Business Saturday, and we invite you to take part by purchasing your gifts from your favourite small and local businesses!

Check out our store and #ShopSmall with Buttercream Clothing this year!

1. Small Businesses Lead to Job Creation
In Canada, small businesses create 100,000 jobs each year on average.

2. You’re Supporting Families Just Like Yours
Your purchase may allow a mom to be at home with her children, or can contribute to a child’s college tuition.

3. The Products and Services are Unique
Who doesn’t love to give a unique gift, hand-made with love!?

4. Small Businesses Give Back
Over 90% of small businesses partner with their local communities to pay it forward.

5. Customer Service is Top-Notch
Personalized service is the best kind of service!

6. The Local Economy Thrives
When everyone supports each other, the entire community wins!

7. Locally Made Products are Better for the Environment
Regionally sourced materials create less of an impact on our planet.

8.You Become a Part of The Company Story
You inspire future products!

9. You Cannot Beat the Quality!
Small businesses procure the finest fabrics and supplies.


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Life With Betty: Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Hello lovely Buttercream fans! Halloween is here and I have to admit…this spooky holiday brings ghoulish glee to our household! When you stop to think about it, it’s the one time of year that it’s completely acceptable to eat as many candy bars as you like, let the cobwebs in your house become decorations and dress up as whatever your heart delights!

Shopping for candy can also be a slight debacle. I’ve opted to buy the giant box of chocolate bars from Costco before, but they didn’t survive more than two days in our house. Are you really saving money if you have to purchase your candy twice?

After a long evening of trick or treating and entertaining, I am looking forward to relaxing in my cozy Buttercream Clothing scarf and lounge pants. A little Netflix, maybe a “mommy sippy cup,” but most importantly, I’ll be cherishing the moment while I enjoy a delicious treat. I earned it.

xo Betty Buttercream

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Guest Post: A Behind The Scenes Look At The Buttercream Clothing Fall Photoshoot

Buttercream Clothing Fall Photoshoot

We are so appreciative of our Buttercream Clothing community members, including those who have collaborated with us and contributed to our success! We’d like to take a moment to give some love to Deborah of B Vintage, who was gracious enough to welcome us into her home to capture our fall collection. The photography turned out beautifully thanks to this amazing backdrop and our talented team!

Deborah shared about the experience on her blog and we had to share it with the rest of you! 

In her own words, here’s what Deborah had to say about Buttercream Clothing:

 “I recently had the pleasure of hosting an amazing photoshoot at my home for the incredible Buttercream Clothing line! The whole line of handcrafted, ethical, Canadian made clothing impressed me as much as the woman behind the vision. The fabrics were all such high quality and felt absolutely amazing on my skin! Each piece I tried on fit in all the right places! The details on the clothing had been so well thought out, from the pockets in the dresses to the subtle detailing of the buttons and patterns on many other pieces. I couldn’t believe how soft the bamboo material of the comfy lounge pants felt! I love that my home offered so many different areas and looks for the professional team of Kara Rohl Photography and Chelsea Montgomery to shoot and style the models! My favourite part of the day though, was spending time chatting with the company founder and super mom Candice! Her calm demeanour during the busy-ness of the day truly impressed me, and as we chatted I was completely inspired by her story of hard work and success! She started by making linen aprons for friends and small markets in Kelowna and now has her clothing in over 60 retail locations across Canada with 21 employed seamstresses working for her. All this while having 3 young children and another on the way! I know first hand how hard it is to manage a business with young children so I was completely in awe of how she managed to juggle all the balls in her basket! The day was spent enjoying new friends and beautiful clothes. I know I will be spending a lot of time in my new Buttercream duds for sure! Make sure you take a look below at some of my favourite shots and pieces from the day. Each image is linked to shop!

About Deborah

Deborah’s passion is to bring decor inspiration and easy DIY’s that will allow you to create warm and inviting spaces. From refinishing old furnishings to some of her favourite foods, she tries to help you bring the ‘little details’ that she used to make her house a home. To learn more, visit To read the original post visit: www.bvintage.ca.

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Life with Betty: Wish I Was Sleeping

Hey, Buttercream fans! Are you as tired as I am? Fellow mothers, you know how I feel. It’s our reason to slip into a comfy dress or a good pair of leggings and pull our hair up into a messy bun every morning before fumbling around for coffee. 

Oh how I wish my extreme fatigue were a result of an exciting dinner party complete with adult drinks. But, as usual, it’s because Baby Buttercream doesn’t “sleep like a baby.” 

Who came up with the saying “sleep like a baby?” Probably someone who doesn’t have one. It’s an honest mistake, really. You can’t help but notice how peaceful babies look while they’re sleeping, but many are blissfully unaware of how they wake up every hour.

I know it’s just a stage and oh how these days drag on but these years fly by. Armed with a good-natured attitude, a Buttercream blanket scarf and a cozy pair of slippers by my bed, I’m always ready to comfort this sweet baby. Until this stage passes, I’ll rely on coffee, my other zombie mom friends and the motivation of finding something cute in my closet to wear.

I hope you’re sleeping like a teenager on summer break. 

Until next time, lovelies!

xo Betty Buttercream

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Celebrate Canada year round with Buttercream Clothing!

Canada 150

Buttercream Clothing is thrilled to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The rich heritage, stunning landscapes and hardworking people are all part of what we love and appreciate about this great country. As a Canadian company, we are committed to celebrating Canada in our everyday work. How do we do it?

Ethically Made, Locally Made

Buttercream’s entire production process takes place right here in Canada. We cut, sew and create each item locally as part of our commitment to ethical manufacturing. Our seamstresses are located in Calgary and Kelowna. In addition to keeping everything local, we stimulate the economy where we live.

Buttercream Clothing, Simplifying Life for Canadians

What do we love most about how Buttercream Clothing celebrates Canada? It makes Canadians feel great! Both our women’s and men’s collections are full of high-quality, functional wardrobe pieces that can form a base for your capsule wardrobe. This type of wardrobe allows you to purchase fewer, but more versatile and long-lasting items that make getting dressed a breeze.  We believe that this fits in well with the Canadian values of living life to the fullest, staying comfortable and minimizing waste.

Celebrate Canada!

For these and many more reasons we’re proud to be a successful Canadian company contributing to the country we love so much. This year is extra special because we’re commemorating Canada 150. So, get out there in your comfy, stylish Buttercream Clothing and celebrate Canada with us year round!


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Ready to Ship VS. Made to Order

Ready to Ship | picture of model in kimono

If you’ve poked around the Buttercream Clothing website, you may be wondering what is the difference between our Ready to Ship items and Made to Order listings. The basic breakdown? We offer our Ready to Ship items for those who are in a bit of a hurry. For those who are patient, our Made to Order items are perfect. Every Tuesday we will be loading new Ready to Ship listings and these sell out fast so don’t miss out!

All of Buttercream Clothing’s items are high-quality pieces made with the best fabrics available. Handcrafted by local seamstresses, our clothes are made to last. Because of the significant amount of time we invest in each piece, we only offer our most popular items as Ready to Ship. These items are shipped out within 24-48 hours after you’ve ordered them. Perfect for those last-minute gifts or a must-have piece for a special occasion, our Ready to Ship items arrive at your doorstep quickly. Our full inventory is available as Made to Order, also known on the site as Pre-Sale. For these items, we get to work creating the item in the exact size and colour you want as soon as your order comes in.

Our goal is to provide you with gorgeous pieces to build your capsule wardrobe. Completed with versatile, ever-stylish, quality pieces, a capsule wardrobe is made up of basic clothing items that will make sure you look and feel great throughout the season.

Rather than spend your money on a piece of clothing made of poor quality materials in an unethical manner, wouldn’t you rather invest in a piece hand-made for you? 

Whether you choose from our Ready to Ship or Made to Order options, you’ll get the same great Buttercream quality. Just remember, if you need it now, choose from our Ready to Ship inventory. If you can wait, pick from our larger, Made to Order selection. Make sure to check out the new items just listed on the site today for “Ready to Ship Tuesday”!

Happy shopping!


Guest Post – 5 Canadian Clothing Brands You’ll Love (That Aren’t Lululemon)


This blog post originally appeared on The Map to Health and was republished with permission.

GUYS. Canada is so awesome. In general, but also Canadians are absolutely killing it when it comes to fashion & business.

In the past year I’ve been trying really hard to spend my money very consciously and not give in to fast fashion and all the negatives that come with it. I realized that something that is important to me is to support local (Canadian) businesses by buying from them & by spreading the word – so I’m doing both.

Arrow & Axe

Canadian owned and operated, designed in Canada, made in Canada, ethically made, uses eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton & bamboo.

Arrow & Axe makes cute t-shirts, tanks, and sweaters for men and women. I’ve never met the owners in real life but I imagine they’re lumberjacks or park rangers who ride moose and live in lean-tos because they, and their company, really are #mountainmade. I found out about this company after I saw a friend wearing the cutest sweater and she told me all about the company and how she got it from a fair where local businesses showcase their products. I had the best customer service experience with the owners after I saw their “Moon Child/Raised By The Sun” shirt on their website, and after less than 1 day of deliberation it SOLD OUT. So I slid into their DMs and asked when the shirt would be back in stock and they said that they checked the back room and found ONE shirt left and set it aside for me, gave me a discount (YA GIRL LOVES A DISCOUNT), and were just so incredibly sweet to deal with overall. A+ for customer service.

Arrow & Axe

Buttercream Clothing

Canadian owned and operated, designed in Canada, made in Canada, ethically made, uses high quality materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, leather.

I’ve been following the owner, Candice, on Instagram ever since her beautiful scarves caught my eye and although I haven’t bought anything from Buttercream Clothing yet, there are a few things on my wish list such as:

+ the Vest in Camel

+ the Butter Blanket Scarf in Ocean Stripe

+ the Lolli Leggings in Supplex

+ the Baseball Tee in Black/White

&& they carry men’s clothing now too so I can slip in some ethically made, Canadian clothing into my boyfriend’s closet unbeknownst to him (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MATT).

ALSO can I just say I hella appreciate that the girls modelling the clothing aren’t all 5’10”, 120lbs, and all leg? Seriously amazing.

Friday Sock Co.

Canadian owned, designed in Canada, made in Italy, uses OKEO-TEX®* certified Egyptian Combed Cotton, & they donate socks to those in need while also donating a portion of their net sales to charitable causes.

Firstly, made in Italy ⇒ how chic does that sound? I swear anything made in Italy is immediately cool as hell. Best of all they make the CUTEST socks, I kid you not. The designs are adorable and each pair is mismatched on purpose – cute, no? My fave designs are:

+ Sea to Sky + Henderson + Hearts Collab + Watermelons + Oh’ Canada (pictured in order)


Peace Collective

Canadian owned & designed in Canada.

Here’s an excerpt from their site that describes the brand & their goals:

“The Peace Collective is built on two ideas:

(1) We believe in designing products that allow Canadians to show pride in a modern, fashionable way. We found that a lot of the options for Canadians was stuck in a past and did not reflect the modern Canadian and their lifestyle.

(2) Our one-for-one model. From day one, every garment sold has gone to help provide meals to children in need. Today every garment sold provides two healthy meals and a snack to a Canadian child in need through our Peace Foundation.”

I love this sweater so much and wear it so often that Matt jokingly says that it’s all I wear. Only it’s no joke. If I had it my way, it really would be all I wear. It’s the perfect weight, the material isn’t that weird fluffy stuff that thins and pills after 3 washes, and it’s versatile enough to wear camping, to school, out grocery shopping, or on the couch without pants binge watching Friends on Netflix. I’m seriously having an embroidery moment so when I saw this super chic black & gold sweater I just HAD to have it to represent Canadian fashion. I’m all about the details so I just about melted when I saw the little gold embroidered maple leaf on the sleeve. SO CUTE.

Peace Collective

Poppy Barley

Canadian owned, designed in Canada, ethically made, transparent business practices, uses high quality leather.

I found out about this company because they came to my university as speakers for my sustainable business class. Let me just say that they had every single girl’s attention because Poppy Barley makes the most gorgeous leather shoes & bags AND they had every guy’s attention because they were cool and business savvy as hell. Their shoes are made to fit your feet, they offer sizes 5-12, going up half sizes, and offer widths ranging from narrow, standard, and wide. Their bags are also TO DIE they’re so beautiful and you know that they’re the kind of bags that will literally last a lifetime. Even better than just making quality leather goods is that the company is run by two straight up lady bosses who are killing the game and putting Canadian fashion on the map. My top three choices are:

+ the Cross-Strap Mary-Jane in Black

+ the Two Point Five Ankle Boot in Toffee

+ the Perfect Handbag in Black

I visited the store in Edmonton and immediately loved it because it was so incredibly chic and beautiful. The ladies working there were helpful (and very stylish – so on brand). I gotta say, before my visit to Poppy Barley I was not a heels person because I couldn’t justify looking taller for immense foot pain & other posture issues related to wearing heels. BUT I tried on the Cross-Strap Mary-Jane’s in a taupe colour they had and did not want to take them off! They were as comfy as they were gorgeous. If you’re a woman who wants a pair of comfortable, well-made, gorgeous heels then look no further! Poppy Barley’s got your back ♥

With love,

monika a.p.

About Monika

Monika Alysse Poon is the creator of the holistic lifestyle blog, The MAP To Health. She is a C.H.N. Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and attained her personal training certificate through Canadian Fitness Professionals. Currently, she is attending MacEwan University for her Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management. She clearly has a passion for learning about all things health, wellness, & everything in between – you can say that it really tickles her fancy. But she’s also all about balance – think: a cronut in one hand and kombucha in the other 😉

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Life With Betty: Signs of Spring

Life with Betty | Signs of Spring

Hi Buttercream lovers! Are you as happy as I am that it’s spring? I’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this glorious weather! Being cooped up in the house all winter has had its struggles and it is time to open up those windows, do some spring cleaning (well put away the kids’ snow pants at least) and welcome a new season with a fresh start!

If I’m going to be completely honest, handling multiple schedules, ensuring the house is clean(ish), getting the kids fed and arriving to work on time actually isn’t the hard part. The hard part is putting my needs in front of everyone else’s. Don’t get me wrong, being a mom is amazing, but what they don’t tell you in those glorified parenting books (I read them all) is that motherhood is the equivalent of doing the work of thirty people, for free. We’re basically superheroes.

When I do get free time (what’s that?), I often opt for Netflix and what I like to call “Mommy’s sippy cup.” You get the idea. So yes, there is nothing better than this moment of “me time.” The air is crisp, the baby is sleeping and, let’s not forget, my coffee is hot – which is a HUGE win in itself.

It’s so wonderful to actually have some free time. Well, I’m pretty sure I do, unless I’m forgetting something.

Remember ladies, take time to smell the tulips, breathe in the fresh air, and wear cute clothes.

Betty Buttercream, xo

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Introducing the Spring/Summer Men’s Collection

With all the fashionable men out there, it would be sad not to have a Buttercream Clothing line just for them. Thankfully, we’ve designed a men’s collection to appease their fashion needs and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Men's long sleeve tee - black
Men's Baseball Tee - White with black sleeves 2

Now you can help your guy look as stylish as you without making him surrender his basic needs. Yes, his basic needs. Men may be a mystery in a lot of areas, but they are pretty transparent in at least one: they LOVE comfort. And comfort is what Buttercream Clothing does best.

Whether he’s on the go or relaxing at home, we’ve got a T for that: long sleevebaseball and classic. Our incredibly soft, high-quality, naturally antibacterial and breathable bamboo fabric will quickly become your man’s favourite go-to.

Refresh his closet with Buttercream Clothing. Together, you can enjoy Buttercream Clothing comfort.

Shop Now

Treat Yourself this Mother’s Day

Being the great mom that you are, it might be tough to set mommyhood aside for a moment and treat yourself this Mother’s Day. But ladies: you deserve it!

And what better way to treat yourself than to be wined and dined all dressed up. Fortunately, Buttercream Clothing is tailored to outfit you for such an occasion, especially our many sweet dresses. By slipping into a Buttercream dress, you can step out (or stay in) feeling like a million bucks, without sacrificing comfort.


The Reversible Dress
Lightweight Campfire Cowl Neck Dress
Dream Boatneck Dress

Buttercream dresses are an ideal fit for any mommy date—whether it is to your favourite restaurant or your favourite spot in front of the TV. They are charming and oh so comfy. Plus, with our versatile patterns and colours, our dresses will go with any accessory you’ve stashed away for special occasions. But, most importantly, Buttercream dresses are fashioned to fit you in all the right places so that you can feel confident showing off your beautiful body.

Buttercream dresses are completely stressless—something any mom can appreciate. So treat yourself this Mother’s Day. It is worth it and so are you!

xo Buttercream Team

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