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Life With Betty: Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Hello lovely Buttercream fans! Halloween is here and I have to admit…this spooky holiday brings ghoulish glee to our household! When you stop to think about it, it’s the one time of year that it’s completely acceptable to eat as many candy bars as you like, let the cobwebs in your house become decorations and dress up as whatever your heart delights!

Shopping for candy can also be a slight debacle. I’ve opted to buy the giant box of chocolate bars from Costco before, but they didn’t survive more than two days in our house. Are you really saving money if you have to purchase your candy twice?

After a long evening of trick or treating and entertaining, I am looking forward to relaxing in my cozy Buttercream Clothing scarf and lounge pants. A little Netflix, maybe a “mommy sippy cup,” but most importantly, I’ll be cherishing the moment while I enjoy a delicious treat. I earned it.

xo Betty Buttercream

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